Union Minister Hegde does it again, compares Dalits to Dogs


While the controversy around ‘removing secular word from the Constitution comment’ has not even doused, Union Minister Ananthkumar Hegde has once again put his foot in his mouth by comparing Dalit protesters with dogs.

Hegde was on his way to a job fair in Ballari, Karnataka on Saturday when a group of Dalit protesters blocked his way and raised slogans against his remarks about secularism an changing the constitution.

While at the fair, Hegde said, “We are stubborn people. When dogs bark on the road, we don’t care.”

After the event, the Dalit protesters staged protest against Hegde, waving black scarves and shouting slogans.

As usual, Hegde later said that his remarks were misinterpreted.

“I haven’t made any such remark against Dalits. The Congress is deliberately trying to damage my image by relating my remark to Dalits,” Hegde told news agency PTI.

Actor Prakash Raj, a vocal critic of Modi and the BJP, slammed Hedge on Twitter.

He tweeted, “Enough is enough.???..Serial offender…minister Ananthkumar Hegde at it again….he calls Dalits DOGs ..for  protesting against his controversial constitution remark… supreme leaders of #bjp will you ask him to step down …or do you endorse his abuse #justasking (sic)”.

He also demanded that the minister resigns from his post.

Well, this is not the first time that Hegde has come up with such nasty comment.

He is a serial offender.

Speaking at an event in December 2017, Ananthkumar Hegde kicked up a row when he said: “A few people say the constitution mentions the word secular, so you have to agree. Because it’s there in the constitution, we will respect it, but this will change in the near future. The constitution has changed many times before. We are here to change the constitution. We will change it”.

In a separate incident, Hegde was quoted to have said “as long as there is Islam in this world, there will be terrorism” during a press conference.

It is shocking that a person who holds so much hate for other religions has been chosen as the Union Minister under the BJP Government.

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