SSC, CBSE exam leak: Rahul Gandhi takes dig at PM Modi, says ‘Chowkidar is weak’


In the wake of recent controversies including, the SSC and CBSE exam paper leak, Cambridge Analytica data breach, Aadhaar data leak, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday took a jibe at ‘chowkidar’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him ‘weak.’ Rahul Gandhi hinted towards Prime Minister Modi’s inefficiency to put a stop to scams which have come to light one after the other. Using the hashtag #BasEkAurSaal, the Congress President showed that the BJP’s end is approaching and that it would be a tough fight for them in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “कितने लीक? डेटा लीक ! आधार लीक ! SSC Exam लीक ! Election Date लीक ! CBSE पेपर्स लीक ! हर चीज में लीक है चौकीदार वीक है #BasEkAurSaal”

Many other prominent leaders also took to Twitter to express both, their anger as well as disappointment. Surjewala wrote, “Modi Govt should be renamed as ‘Paper Leak Govt’! SSC Scam jeopardised the future of over 2 Cr Youth.#CBSE Xth & XIIth class #PaperLeak has road hit the aspirations & hard work of lakhs of toiling students. Modiji, Your Govt has imperiled the future of our ‘Exam Warriors’!” Congress leader Ajay Maken expressed the dejection of his son after coming to know about the leak and re-conduct of the examination. He tweeted, “My son Aujaswi studied really hard for #CBSE Class X Board Math Exams held today. His joy of finishing Board Exams was short lived. He is extremely dejected as the Math paper got leaked& this #LeakingGovt will hold the Exam again. I feel sorry for him as lakhs of other students!”

Lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan summed up the situation aptly. He wrote, “#Vyapam,AIIMS, #SSC & now #CBSE exam leak through WhatsApp. Is there any exam or selection which is safe&scam proof in India? Even after PM’s app leaks our personal data to US firm, our govt tells us that Aadhar data is safe behind thick walls! Incredible!”

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