Aircraft was “intentionally tampered”, says Rahul Gandhi’s team after flight scare; demand investigation


After Congress president Rahul Gandhi and four passengers on a chartered flight got a major scare yesterday reportedly due to “multiple technical faults”, his team has filed a complaint seeking a probe to determine if there was any “intentional tampering” of the aircraft. The Congress president was on his way to Karnataka from Delhi. Kaushal Vidyarthee, a key member of Rahul Gandhi’s team filed the complaint.

According to the complaint, an attempt was made to land the aircraft at Hubli three times and it finally landed on the third attempt. “It was apparent from the suspicious and faulty performance of the aircraft that the incidents of shuddering and altitude dipping were not natural or weather-related, but were due to some technical snags of the aircraft. Serious questions related to intentional tampering with the aircraft cannot also be brushed aside and are requested to be addressed and investigated,” the complaint read.

“The multiple unexplained technical snags during the flight coupled with the failure of the auto pilot system, raises serious issues of aviation safety and possible and intentional tampering with aircraft which endangered the life of its occupants,” the complaint further read.

The complaint also mentioned that the whole flight experience left the passengers with a lot of anxiety and distress, and positively fearing for their lives.  Due to the same the complaint repetitively stressed on a thorough investigation into the matter.

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Vidyarthee, later, talked about his petrifying experience on Twitter. He wrote, “Glad to be in a room and getting some rest….thankful for being alive…never had such a frightening experience in my life…plane went into free fall…couldnt believe CP’s composure and calmness as he stood beside pilots trying to save the situation”.

Another member of the Congress president’s team, Rahul Ravi tweeted, “Never thought we would make it through what happened in the aircraft today…cant believe how brave RG is…being a pilot himself he was constantly by the side of the crew through the crisis. Respect! @vidyarthee”.

It is worth applauding that Rahul Gandhi was calm throughout the crisis and was by the side of the crew. And even after minutely escaping from a major mishap, he carried on with his schedule. This is indeed, the sign of a true leader.

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