Will PM Modi clarify who is the Finance Minister, Piyush Goyal or Arun Jaitley?: Congress

The Congress Party yesterday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to clarify who the Finance Minister is, whether it is Arun Jaitley or Piyush Goyal. Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said that the Finance Ministry website states Arun Jaitley as the Finance Minister whereas the PMO site states Piyush Goral’s name.

“Will PM Modi clarify who is the Finance Minister today? The Finance Ministry’s website states one name and PMO’s website states a different name. During economic crisis, not having clarification regarding this reflects a sad state on governance,” Tewari said while addressing a press conference in Delhi.

Apart from this, the Congress raised a few more questions and demanded an answer from PM Modi for the same. “PM Modi must answer some fundamental questions about the economy of India under his tenure,” Tewari said.

The following questions were asked by the Congress:

  • Why has the revised GDP series still not been put out in the public domain?
  • Is it not a fact that Modi govt is not releasing the data based on new base year because UPA’s performance was better than NDA?
  • Is it not a fact that the current account deficit for the current fiscal has widened to such an extent that international financial institutions are raising serious questions about it?

Attacking the government over the issue of unemployment, the Congress said that the NDA government has only been able to create 2.5 lakh jobs per year in contrast to its promise of creating 2 crore jobs a year.

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“In 2009 alone, after the global economic meltdown, the UPA II government still created 1 million jobs. But this govt has hardly created 2.5lakh jobs per year despite promising 2 crore jobs,” Tewari said.

“We would like to ask the Prime Minister whether it is not correct that between 2014-2018, the Indian banks suffered a loss of Rs 3,97,765 crore?,” Tewari said regarding the bad loans problem India is facing currently.

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