PM Modi spent Rs. 355 crore in trips to 52 countries


Prime Minister Narendra Modi made 41 trips to over 50 countries in his 48 months of reign, at a cost of Rs. 355 crore.

The information came out in the form of replies to RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad’s RTI seeking details about expenses on PM’s foreign trips. The activist then shared these replies with The New Indian Express.

The total expenses on 41 trips stand at Rs. 3,55,30,38,465, which is more than Rs. 355 crore.

Gadad had also sought information on domestic travels of the Prime Minister, but they were rejected saying the SPG security organisation, which takes care of PM security, is exempted from the purview of RTI.

Out of PM Modi 41 trips, the costliest was his nine-day tri-nation visit to France, Germany and Canada, in which Rs. 31,25,78,000 (over Rs. 31 crore), whereas the least expensive trip was the one to Bhutan at a cost of Rs. 2,45,27,465 (over Rs. 2 crore).

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In a similar report about PM Modi’s travel trips (including both, international and domestic) compiled by Asia Times, the Prime Minister has spent one year and three months in travelling. In these four years, Modi spent 1,491 days in office as the Prime Minister, whereas he spent 477 days in travelling.

While 313 days have been spent by him on domestic travel, 164 days were spent in visiting 52 foreign countries.

Anyway, it is a known fact that our Prime Minister loves to travel, but the sad part is that, he does that at the cost of our money collected in the form of tax.

So, while GST has been implied on our money, and as much tax is being collected by the common man as possible, our Prime Minister is using the same money to cover the expenses of his wanderlust.

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