Wherever PM Modi goes he makes false promises: Rahul Gandhi in Rajasthan

Rahul Gandhi

Reminding people of various promises such as Rs. 5 lakh in every account, generating 1 crore jobs annually, etc. made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaigning, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that wherever PM Modi goes he makes false promises.

“Wherever Narendra Modi goes he makes false promises to people, but he works only for his industrialist friends,” Gandhi said while addressing a rally in Jalore, Rajasthan.

Other highlights from his speech are:

  • Modi promised ₹15 lakh in every bank account, then termed it as a jumla. We decided to give ‘Nyay’ to the people of India. Under NYAY scheme 5 crore families will receive ₹72,000 annually without harming the Indian economy

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  • Narendra Modi talks about bullet train and sanctioned ₹1 lakh crore for it, whereas he refuses to release ₹80Cr to lay down railway line for you. How many actually use bullet train?
  • Under Modi government 22 lakh government jobs are lying vacant. 27,000 jobs are lost every 24 hours. We will fill up those vacancies within a year and create 10 lakh additional jobs in Panchayats
  • To help the youth of Rajasthan, we have promised to exempt entrepreneurs from seeking permission to start a business for up to 3 years

Listen to his entire address here:

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