107-year-old wishes to meet Rahul Gandhi; he calls on her Birthday

Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is from one of the strongest families of India, but the fact that he is compassionate and grounded sets him apart from all and makes him an ideal leader.

The leader set another example of his kind nature yesterday.

It was her 107th birthday and she wished to meet ‘handsome’ Rahul Gandhi. Then, what…Congress Chief called and personally wished her.

It all started when a Twitter user by the name @SikandDipali tweeted about her grandmother’s wish to meet ‘handsome’ Congress President.

Within hours, Rahul Gandhi responded to her tweet, conveying his wishes and a ‘big hug’.

Later, we also got to know that Rahul Gandhi had called and personally wished @SikandDipali’s grandmother.

The tweet said:

Rahul Gandhi has recently been elevated to the post of President of the Congress Party.

Gandhi’s social media presence has been felt too much, especially in 2017. This can be seen with him getting around 2 million followers on Twitters since July 2017. Also, his witty tweets and clever comebacks are just loved by the netizens and they are head over heels with this young and smart leader.

India is in a dire need of such a young leader, who can lead from the front, has the will to work, is enthusiastic, has a new and positive approach towards issues and above all, the one who understands the new India and binds the people together.

Fortunately, Rahul Gandhi stands true to all of it and truly deserves to be the one guiding India, taking it to new heights and remaining kind and compassionate at the same time.

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